Welcome to our virtual meeting of AOS 2020

AOS aims to guide the design, coordination, and long-term operation of an international network of observing systems to improve understanding and response to Arctic change. AOS 2020 is part of Arctic Science Summit Week 2020.

This event is 100% online

Sessions will be held primarily on the Zoom platform.
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13 minutes ago
Foster dialog! Join cross-cutting sessions for Working Groups 1 Observing System + 3 Indigenous Food Security and Working Group 4 Data Interoperability at 2:30 PM GMT: #AOS2020 #ASSW2020 📸: USFWSAlaska arcticchange1 photo
40 minutes ago
#AOS2020 keynote speaker Stephanie Russo Carroll led the development of the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance. Read more at: #BeFAIRandCARE #ASSW2020 arcticchange1 photo
2 hours ago
A holistic perspective "require[s] that data not only be FAIR [Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable] but also be preserved and shared ethically and responsibly." @rduerr @RoninInstitute #AOS2020 #ASSW2020

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