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Thank you to all AOS 2020 speakers, panelists, attendees, and organizers.

Special thanks to everyone for their patience and persistence as ASSW and AOS 2020 were re-organized to be 100% online.

Call for manuscripts: Arctic  Special Issue

Editors announce a special issue of Arctic, titled “Observing for Action.” As Arctic environmental change continues unabated and at a rapid pace, sustained observations that enable us to track, understand, and project this change are essential. These observations are necessary to guide adaptation and mitigation responses from local to global scales. Deadline: June 15, 2020.

2 weeks ago
#ASSW2021 Call for abstracts! Arctic Science Summit Week 2021. We invite you to submit an abstract to our session "Observing for Action: Outcomes of the 5th Arctic Observing Summit and Advances in Coordinated Observations” (Theme H, ID 46) Link: https://t.co/ZmIAvdO6d3

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