Wednesday, April 1

Introductory materials

Summary of discussions and activities from Day 1   Link to come

Keynote 3: Stephanie Russo Carroll, The University of Arizona, USA. Indigenous community engagement in climate research.  Link to come

Keynote 4: Mark Leggott, Research Data Canada. Data management in the global context.

Keynote 5: Douglas Cripe, Group on Earth Observations, Switzerland. Arctic to global perspectives.

Times are in Iceland time (GMT+0)

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AOS 2020 on Twitter

11 minutes ago
Foster dialog! Join cross-cutting sessions for Working Groups 1 Observing System + 3 Indigenous Food Security and Working Group 4 Data Interoperability at 2:30 PM GMT: #AOS2020 #ASSW2020 📸: USFWSAlaska arcticchange1 photo
38 minutes ago
#AOS2020 keynote speaker Stephanie Russo Carroll led the development of the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance. Read more at: #BeFAIRandCARE #ASSW2020 arcticchange1 photo
2 hours ago
A holistic perspective "require[s] that data not only be FAIR [Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable] but also be preserved and shared ethically and responsibly." @rduerr @RoninInstitute #AOS2020 #ASSW2020

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